We as productive beings, quite often find it hard to define our production line. It is easy to see monster companies grow and buy smaller ones and still have a moral face to show off their products on TV, the ones we buy regularly.

   In the art world, it seems that people often believe the mutant myth that art has nothing to do with business. Why do people think that heresy? Why do we, artists, even are shy to increase the value of our art works, or to show them, or to even offer them as buyable items?

   The root of this evil idea lies right on the thought that art is so personal and so intimate to its creator that by the time the artist is done, part of the artist will remain on the piece for ever, therefore the artist doubts to label such art work with a synonym in units of dollars,  pesos, or Euros.

   After having trouble pricing the object, usually artists cannot let that piece go away so fast. We feel that we should let it stay another night, let it be part of our house, our gallery, our environment, and we take time to let it go.

   No one ever told us that we are creators, especially if we are self taught artists, no one has ever mentioned that we can be producers. The fact to think that we can produce several artworks similar to the one we just fell in love with sounds materialistic and vain.

   So in the meantime, the bills are knocking our door with the big words in red, ¨Pay Me¨. As artists,  we tend to forget that the studio needs a monthly payment, that we eat, and McDonald’s has no feelings towards the combos, we pay or we don´t eat. We have given away so much of our artistic work to society, murals, paintings, drawings, pictures, a sculpture perhaps, and we think that society is going to think the way an artist sees things. But society cannot pay back since the average person does never save money to buy an art work. If they save money it will be to buy new wheels, get a pool or a new plasma TV, spend some cash at Six Flags but no! Not for art.

   So there we are, full of optimism waiting for a millionaire art lover that for some magical reason could stop at our place, will see our work, the one we don´t want to get rid of, and will ask us to visit his mansion so we can paint five huge paintings 2 million dollars each.

   What´s the problem about dreaming? There isn´t anything wrong. Is it a lie that millionaires buy art?  Off course not!

   Let me ask you an honest question…

   Haven´t you seen movies where you happen to see art works and all of the sudden you stop watching it and start daydreaming about you performing those paintings you just saw just because you believe that you can do the same or better art work?

   Indeed, there is no doubt you can improve the art you just saw on that movie, I bet your art matches that script better. So why them and not you?

   The flat answer is that, during the time you are waiting for the black limousine to hunk in front of your studio, an artist is investing on an online art gallery so he/she can show the his/her work.

   You are technically correct to think that you are a better artist or to think you can do a better job than the work you just saw. The only difference is that that artist has no issue investing $55 dollars in order to jump to a complete distinct level.

   That artist knows the principle of sowing and reaping. That artist has faith, not hope. That artist knows his/her art work is worth seeing.

   These kinds of thoughts, which eventually create an attitude, are principles that have developed our world since thousands of years ago.

   Did I convince you to be part of an online art gallery?

   Next question, which one?

   Nowadays there is a vast gamut of online art galleries. The majority of them are not run nor managed by artists but by lawyers, accountants and marketing geniuses. They are using art just as pimps do. Their objective is not to make artists successful. The goal is not to impulse the art works of hopeful artists, not even to mention to make artists earn money.

   Think outside the box, there is one detail that can make you think, ¨well, it´s free so that means they want to help me¨. Indeed, you and other 500 artists more. Other websites host thousands of artists. Let me clear out the secret to their success, the more artists they have, the more visits, and the more clicks they get for their web domains, making these cattle of artists to look at cheap propaganda, be part of newsletters, spam, ads, ads and more ads. Advertising companies are willing to pay huge amounts of money just to have people click on their banners.

   If you didn´t get stoned today and happen to be on your five senses, listen to this…

   Being part of these monster online art galleries is just as the same as to stay hours outside your studio waiting for the millionaire on his black Cadillac limousine.

   Wow, I can see your head shaking. Don´t blame yourself, it is all part of the show.

   Ask yourself this question, what would Picasso do? Do you think Picasso spent months inside his closet waiting for the rich guys to come and buy his artwork? Never! He went out, he was so eccentric his art was all over Spain first, after that all over Europe, and nowadays all over the world where there is a succulent taste. Would Picasso have hesitated to pay $55usd for outstanding his artwork?

   We have done a research for you on signing up with online art galleries and we found out that ¨balance¨ is always the best answer. Yes, it is good to think about selling your artworks since you need to eat and pay your bills, but it is not necessary to go to the extreme. Even though art is made to be sold,  in most of the cases, don´t forget it is Art! And selling art shouldn´t be like selling cokes or laptops. What we want to avoid is you falling into ones of those traps, that have sales’ marketing everywhere like if you where surfing the Wal-Mart website. You can probably sell some of your artworks, though don´t expect to make good clients, because these kind of websites are mere commercial.  Good clients, the ones that buy art from prestigious artworks don´t buy their jackets at Wal-Mart.

   So you need an artistic place, one with marketing tools but not necessarily a store. You need a place like Art Palazzo. The place we suggest you is an online art gallery that doesn´t look like a store, though you can promote and sell your artworks. And even if it´s very in and provokes a great impact on art lovers it is so chic and artistic.

   Go visit it, www.artpalazzo.com, they have different fees and the greatest news is that one of their politics is that they don´t allow more than fifty artists. Can you imagine being part of a small group of selected artists? In an online art gallery that really cares for artists since it´s run by artists. For more information send an inquiry to info@artpalazzo.com


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