As days go by artists with extraordinary talent kill it, since they are not willing to drink the Calvary cup. Often artists know they are talented though they firmly refuse to play with it. Some simply try to fool us about pretending they weren´t born with it. More than a talent, the vast majority believe it´s a curse since it means they have to stop practicing ordinary duties in order to start an artistic career, one that proves that not only pain, suffering, and tears make it happen but that investing a life time is a basic requirement. Perhaps it is not that the talented people not only ignore they were born with the talent, but that they are so very afraid to dig into what could be a sapphire mine or the tunnel toward desperation and affixation.

   Which life appears to me a more worthy to talk about? I am certainly so intrigued with what makes a gifted person follow the right path? What motivates a real artist continue and never surrender nor settle for less than, a promise, perhaps?

   When an artist decides to spend years in college in order to learn, in order to share, in order to start crawling into a long but so rich in emotions career, it proves that the artist is willing to do anything to obtain the goal. A goal that does not come in the shape of a degree but in the shape of a full life committed to fulfill a purpose. Thus is the case of Shannon Nowak, the Sapphire Artist.

   It is frequently said that a name is not just a tag but it is also a blessing or a curse, very few get to be baptized with a different name, once they already have one. Shannon was chosen to be the Sapphire Artist, says who? God says so. If it´s rare to be baptized with a new name, it is even quite rare to listen to God nowadays. Though as it happens in several Christian artists, listening and obeying God is a must in Shannon´s career.


   Sapphires are cleverly called the gemstones of the heavens; they inspire truth, endurance, and commitment, no wonder God and Moses used sapphire on the tablets. Shannon develops these same qualities in her everyday colorful voyage. But more than appreciating Shannon´s creations or the beauty of sapphires what amazes me the most is the analogy between them. Her artwork is the kind of art that the average eye is not able to perceive. Shannon´s art is the one a genuine curator, collector, designer or truthful artist detects miles away from. It is just as placing a raw sapphire in front of the common people, they simply cannot tell what it represents, but if we put it in front of a jewel expert, we create the perfect equation. An equation that, as we mentioned before takes the sapphire to the next level; the separation, the cutting and the polishing. I´m so sure Shannon is still going through the very same process. These tests are the ones in charge of making a fragile artist to doubt, to give up and surrender. Shannon not only has being obedient to God, but has found in her family a virgin strength, specially made for her. It is a strength full of illusion, hope, love and energy. It is the vital energy she finds in order to climb another step and though she is a gemstone there is no ¨crystal stair¨ path for her.


   The Sapphire Artist is not a role model exclusively for artists, but to anyone who has gone or is traveling through suffering and facing obstacles. She has overcome the hard times holding God´s hand who has also shown her a clear picture of her destiny. A destiny that has proven to be full of artistic surprises with her delightful paintings. What made someone to steal ¨Becoming¨? -One of Shannon’s creations. What made Hollywood producers invest in The Sapphire Artist in order to have two of her paintings in two different movies?


   Looking at Shannon’s artwork is diving into a pool of sapphire colors. But the energetic experience is to look at the real painting and even more amazing to touch it and own it. Don´t doubt to go into one of The Sapphire Artist´s shows. Don´t hesitate to buy one of her artworks in , an exclusive Christian art gallery, because not only will you obtain a master piece, you will also be part of one of the most beautiful and clean art careers, but more than anything, you will have a piece of heaven in your hands. Since I know for sure, I am so convinced that the trouble and obstacles that the Sapphire Artist is going through is due to God´s patience. Is due to God´s waiting for Shannon to be ready to meet again with Him. Since He has blank spots in heaven waiting for the Sapphire Artist to continue doing her duty.

  1. Regan Case says:

    Wonderful article written for a wonderful artist!

  2. Bonny Pomeroy says:

    Shannon is an extraordinary artist and a wonderful mother to her lovely son, David. I have seen many examples of her art work, and have seen wonderful examples of her parenting skills. She is a sapphire in the truest sense of the word. God has great plans for this lady, and anyone who knows her can attest to this truth. Shannon, you are a child of the Universe -no less than the trees and the stars. Bonny Pomeroy

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